For late arrivals, spontaneous bookings or in case of keycard loss


The check-in terminal is always accessible to you, regardless of whether you already have a reservation with us or not. The area around the check-in terminal is monitored by video to prevent abuse.

For late arrivals

Since our reception is not staffed 24 hours a day, our check-in terminal is also an express check-in option. With your ID you can call up your reservation, pay immediately (by EC or credit card) and receive a receipt and your key card!

Spontaneous bookings

If you have not yet booked a room with us, you can search at the check-in terminal for free rooms, pay directly and check-in completely independently. We can then hand over an invoice to you the next morning or send it by email.

Lost key card?

In case you have lost the key card or it is defective, you can easily create a new key card at the check-in terminal!


  • Enter reservation number, scan ID or passport
  • Pay the amount by debit- or credit card (this does not apply in the case of costs covered by company) and print out the receipt (this does not apply in the case of costs covered by company)
  • Complete personal data and check address data
  • Confirm the terms and conditions and sign the registration form with your finger in box
  • Take key card to the right of the door, on the wall, over the phone, hold to the card reader to open the door

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